Manufacturing of high-precision components, housings, and precision covering

We have a proven track record in manufacturing high-precision components, housings and precision covering. We use our technological competences combined with excellent knowledge of our manufacturing engineers in the field of sheet metal, precision machining and finishing

Besides the widespread capacity, we can offer participation in your design process at an early stage. We are ready to help you with the manufacturability of the product. This leads to potential problems that are fixed in the design phase, which is the least expensive place to solve them. We passionately take care of the manufacturability of products, and take close look at the type of raw material, dimensional tolerances, and processing such as finishing to facilitate the manufacturing process and realize optimal manufacturing costs.

Sheet metal processing

Our excellent competencies, together with an innovative manufacturing environment, allow us to produce housings and precision covering in short lead times. We bring cost-saving benefits to our customers due to the proper alignment of the CAD/CAM environment with shop-floor infrastructure, and it resulted in the First pass yield principle. To provide evidence that your product meets the dimensional specification, we use 3D measurement tools.

We know how to work with various types of materials such as carbon, steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper alloys, spring steel, and coated materials. By this, we bring freedom of choice to our customers and their product designs, and we are ready to help to choose the most suitable one for your product.

These technologies make our production facility:

  • Laser cutting 3000 x 1500mm (4,4kW)
  • Precise Bending up to 200tons
  • Spot welding (the process can be controlled by specific software)
  • Inserting 
  • Robot and manual welding (ISO 3834)
  • Surface grinding 

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Precision machining

Our unique joining of well experienced people and innovative technologies brings our customers precise components with various shapes and materials as steel, aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, copper alloys and plastics. To meet various customer requirements we use these processes as:

  • Milling: 3-axis up to 1500x600mm; 5-axis up to 800x800x1000)
  • Turning: up to 400 x 750mm
  • Ultra-precise turning (we are ready to meet your specific dimensional particular requirements on your product up to one micron)
  • Deburring
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Helium Leak testing

Due to the gained experience we can offer our clients a complete solution for manufacturing components for analytical equipment such as vacuum chambers verified by helium leak testing.

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Our production complexity is strongly supported by our modern coating shop with its powder coating and wet painting processes managed according to globally recognized standards. Our NTS team of professional workers handles small and medium-sized series. It can carry out all the necessary procedures in-house.


Painting processes begin with pre-processing such as degreasing. 3 zone iron spray phosphating installation guarantees the pre-treatment for finishing is done optimally. It has a significant impact on the product and a substantial aspect of the final result. The adhesion of all layers on the product should be carefully done to prevent damage. It undertakes us that the preparation is thoughtfully organized, and we do our best to ensure this phase is always done correctly.

Powder coating

Powder coatings have a large number of functional features such as corrosion protection, reflection, resistance to wear, etc. These properties make them suitable for a wide range of uses in engineering. The specific properties require specific knowledge of how to work with them. Experience of workers, together with a large diversity of coated materials, cannot stop our team until the dimension of your product is overreached. Maximum mono part dimension on semi-automatic powder line is 3000x1000x1600 mm (LxWxH) and load 150 kg.

Wet coating

Wet painting can supply any material that clients require also. NTS Prometal is a specialist in the wet-coating of metal and aluminium products. The manual painting line equipped with a drying oven can be used for maximum product dimension 3000x1600x1000 mm (LxWxH) and weigh 150kg per mono part. 

To guarantee we meet customers’ requirements, result can be evaluated by:

Coating thickness measurement

  • Ferrous metals (DIN 50 981; ISO 2808)
  • Non-ferrous metals (DIN 50 984; ISO 2808
  • Plastics/wood (PIG455; DIN 50 986; ISO 2808)
  • Colour measurement (CIELAB, Spectro Guide BYK D65/10°)
  • Kiln measurement (Ovendecorder TQC)

Specular gloss measurement

  • Measuring angles 60° (DIN 67 530; ISO 2813)

Mechanical properties

  • Bend test (conical mandrel) (ISO 6860; NEN 5334)
  • Cross-cut test (DIN 53 151; ISO 2409; NEN 5337)


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