Industrialization of opto-mechatronic modules & systems

As part of NTS for the last 20 years, we benefit from and build on the accumulated competences and knowledge in the development, manufacturing and assembly of precision systems for the high-tech industry.  As an experienced engineering partner, we deliver cost-effective solutions. We focus on short time to market and the first time right principle by combining knowledge of engineering, manufacturing, assembly and life cycle management. This enables our customers’ competiveness and low total cost of ownership. Our customers are active in various markets, such as life sciences and analytical, semiconductor and digital printing. Our Project Management & Engineering division is a reliable partner for our customers and provides them with technical solutions by industrializing or co-developing (DfX) mechatronic modules and systems.

Our passion, focus, competencies, processes, business focus approach and cooperation with our specialized manufacturing companies and supply base enables products a short time to market, reliable deliveries in series production with a high level of quality at a specific cost level.

As Project Management & Engineering has a very strong link with the NTS manufacturing companies, we can also support the full product life cycle management, e.g. by driving cost-down activities and providing manufacturing engineering support.


New Product Introduction (NPI)

After the development and build of a functional prototype, our New Product Introduction engineers are able to translate the prototype into a final product, which can be built repeatedly, at the right costs and quality standards. With years of experience on introducing new products to series production, we have vast knowledge on Design for X (DfX). Together with our supply chain engineers and logistic specialists, we provide our customers a product which meets all product requirements for series production and total cost of ownership.



Value Engineering & DfX

At NTS Prometal, we are very focussed on continuous improvement of customer value. This is supported by our value engineers, who are experts in Design for X (Manufacturing, Assembly and Costs). At NTS we keep balancing component and manufacturing specs on one hand and intended market value on the other hand. Due to synergies from our development, manufacturing and assembly engineers’ domain knowledge, we are able to realize cost reductions with innovative manufacturing techniques and comprehensive knowledge of our suppliers base.

This process is always in close collaboration with our customers, suppliers and production experts. Together during a design session, we identify potential cost reductions, specifications which can be relaxed, manufacturing technologies and the best suppliers. Those are listed, analysed and selected based on Return on Investment. After this session NTS Prometal is also able to execute the proposed improvements.



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